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Industry-leading data analytics solutions with a complete proprietary matching algorithm and top reliability

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Always Data-Forward

Give your gift officers the most accurate, matched, and enriched donor profiles possible

In advancement, data is our lifeblood. But if you put inaccurate, incomplete, or out-of-date data into a system, the insights and reports your team relies on will be weak at best. Data is only as useful as its quality. That’s why ALUMinate offers two data analytics solutions:


➜Enrich Your Prospect Profiles, Get Donor Insights


➜Scientifically Construct Fundraiser Portfolios

Read on to find out what’s right for your team…


Option 1: MATCH'd

Enrich Your Prospect Profiles, Get Donor Insights

  • Industry-leading data recording matching scripts

  • We work with best in class data vendors to provide timely and relevant data

  • Over 75 individual data indicators of capacity and inclination

  • Pre-processing Record Reconciliations: Aligns client CRM data and vendor information for increased accuracy

  • Advanced Data Post-processing: Cleans vendor data for clear interpretation

  • Easily uploads to any CRM

  • Increase efficiency by eliminating manual labor and updates

  • Used to generate visuals to identify opportunities based on volumes of data, like clusters of high net worth prospects

  • CSV files for individual data indicators

  • Data Dictionary: Over 100 unique insights, easily searchable and sortable using flags

  • Want to pick and choose from our 75+ fields?

    Ask us about MATCH’d Lite. We can delivering one or a subset of data indicators (or fields) for CRM updates and appends

Option 2: SCORE'd

Scientifically Construct Fundraiser Portfolios

  • We use over 40 key indicators to identify top prospects

  • Audit your development officers' portfolio construction

  • Assign top prospects to appropriately experienced and trained development officers—match top prospects with the right staff

  • Develop timelines to gift closures

  • Project campaign goals and design accurate fundraising pipelines

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Learn More About MATCH'd

Enrich Your Prospect Profiles, Get Donor Insights

How It Works

MATCH'd: An Industry-Leading Complete Proprietary Matching Algorithm

Don’t lose the attention or respect of your supporters due to inaccurate or mismatched data. 

Not only do we work with the best vendors in each data category, we bring you the right data for the right constituent using our unique preprocessing scripts and matching algorithms. 

Our data enrichment results are gathered, parsed, and formatted for batch loads to your organization’s advancement systems, and seamlessly made available for your use.

We can supply enriched data for your entire database or any region in the U.S., with updates provided on a quarterly or 6-month basis.

Want to Know Where Your Next Major Donors Are?

We can find them

This map illustrates the detailed prospect data we identify. For this major U.S. research institution, we found 70 Chicago-area constituents with the potential to make major gifts—the type of gifts that generate transformative opportunities for students.

This is part of our cluster strategy: we find constituents who live close to each other and create sustainable relationships between them and the institution or organization.

Let us help you connect with high-potential prospects you didn’t even know you were missing and strengthen your relationships with current supporters.

Want to learn what we can discover about your institution or organization’s major regions? Contact us today.


Dynamic Visualizations and Tools for Your Team

Take Action

Good data alone is not enough. Your team needs to know exactly how to take action. 

From a holistic view of all your constituents in a region, to an enriched profile on one specific prospect, we illustrate what’s most important in your data, so your team can spend more time with donors.

Our data visualizations allow you to easily segment and interpret the data sets, detect patterns and trends, and identify outliers. In addition, our data services include data dictionaries, trainings, and strategy meetings.

Enriched Data Profiles

We provide your team with accurate and actionable data in the following categories:

  • Wealth

    We provide a vast number of wealth indicators, including household net worth, household income range, and home values, so you know who has the capacity to make a transformative gift NOW while building a pipeline of future donors.

  • Demographic

    Using data on their age, home, and work location, we can cultivate and cluster individual donors and build micro-philanthropic communities.

  • Biographic

    Get the most up-to-date contact numbers (landline and cellphone) and addresses on your alumni and prospects. All of them are standardized and validated, so your outreach efforts count!

  • Employment

    Use the current career data that we provide to track your constituents’ professional interests and connect them with the best volunteer opportunities.

  • Education

    With detailed education history, including institution name, degree earned, major, and degree start and end date, your team can tailor programming and outreach to each constituent.

  • Personal and Social Interests

    We provide data on social interests shared by the prospect on social media platforms, so you can understand their passions. This will help you identify campaign goals that align with their interests.