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Through our data analytics solution MATCH'd, we can enrich your prospect profiles. Our data is compatible with any CRM. Eliminate manual updates and increase staff efficiency.

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Through our data analytics solution SCORE'd, we use 40+ key indicators to help scientifically and strategically construct your development officers' portfolios. In addition, we can develop timelines to gift closures and project campaign and fundraising pipelines and goals.

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Your Organization Needs More Major Donors. Let Us Help You Find Them.

Through MATCH’d™, ALUMinate offers industry-leading solutions that ensure newly acquired donor and prospect information and profile data is correctly matched with the client entity, and pre-processed and formatted data modules that facilitate easy updates to the client’s CRM without requiring time-consuming manual data entry.

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Finding Major Gift Prospects

This map illustrates the detailed prospect data we identify. For this major U.S. research institution, we found 70 Chicago area alumni with the potential to make major gifts—the type of gifts that generate transformative opportunities for students. This is part of our cluster strategy: we find constituents who live close to each other and create sustainable relationships between them and the institution or organization. Want to learn what we can discover about your potential donors?

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Data & Prospect Management

  • Identify:

    Through MATCH'd, we enrich prospect profiles and update your CRM.

  • Qualify:

    Through SCORE'd, we identify top donor prospects for your school or organization. We conduct audits of existing fundraiser portfolios and help you scientifically construct more strategic portfolios.

  • Cultivate:

    We provide strategy sessions, data visualizations, and actionable insights to connect you with those top prospects.

  • Engage and Steward:

    Through our training and advisory services, we help you raise more major gifts, find new donors, and strengthen the relationships you already have.

Research Consortium

ALUMinate's Research Consortium, an association of higher education and nonprofit professionals, aims to prepare its members with evidence-based research so they can systematically and thoughtfully increase alumni, donor, and volunteer engagement. Best of all—it is completely free!

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Consortium Membership Benefits

Learn what other professionals are doing and the new tools that are available to help you advance your department's reach. Join the following institutions who are taking part!

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  • In-depth survey results and findings in the areas of alumni, donor, and volunteer outreach, advancement, and technology, like our 2018 Career Services for Alumni Assessment Report


  • Priority, free access to our live digital discussions and webinars, like this popular webinar on how to address donors’ toughest questions


  • Access to our research team. Pose an alumni, donor, or volunteer engagement or advancement research topic or question and we’ll return a report to you with what we find.


  • Complimentary strategy session with our team on how to engage your regional alumni, donors, and volunteers (contact


  • Complimentary copy of Esther Choy’s Let the Story Do the Work: The Art of Storytelling for Business Success


  • Timely, research-driven blog content


  • Resource Hub of ALUMinate-generated materials and curated multimodal resources and tools for alumni, donor, and volunteer outreach and engagement


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