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MATCH | Donors with Data for Easy CRM Appends
ENRICH | Prospective Donor Data
DISCOVER | Actionable Insights for Strategic Portfolio Development
SCORE | Capacity and Giving Indicators
IDENTIFY | Top Donor Prospects

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Through our data analytics solution MATCH'd, we can enrich your prospect profiles. Our data is compatible with any CRM. Eliminate manual updates and increase staff efficiency.

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Through our data analytics solution SCORE'd, we use 40+ key indicators to help scientifically and strategically construct your development officers' portfolios. In addition, we can develop timelines to gift closures and project campaign and fundraising pipelines and goals.

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ALUMinate's Research Center and Newsletter, free for any higher education or nonprofit professionals, brings you evidence-based research so you can systematically and thoughtfully increase alumni, donor, and volunteer engagement. Best of all—it is completely free!

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The Power of Customized Engagement Scores on Prospects
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