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Domain Expertise, Customized Approach, Actionable Insights

We’re data matchmakers for your fundraising success! We provide the highest-quality and greatest quantity of prospect data using our incomparable record-matching technology and our deep domain experience to help achieve your mission and philanthropic goals.

Data Enrichment: MATCH’d™

Through our data enrichment solution, MATCH’d™, we offer every field of personal information you need to effectively identify and engage your prospects and donors. Whether you require only a single class of data or a comprehensive bundle, we customize our deliverables to meet your objectives.

Our proprietary matching algorithms carefully do the verification work for you. Our delivery files are .CSV formatted and parsed out to include confidence and data quality ratings.

You can autoload high-confidence data into your CRM and eliminate much of the manual work typically required to maintain the integrity of the data in your CRM.

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Our proprietary processing routines provide validated email addresses and build confidence in quality email appends

Through our additional validation processes, we deliver verified and active cell phone numbers and flags

Our USPS-formatted mailing addresses have customizable update flags so you can maintain good data hygiene in your CRM records

We pull from multiple sources of publicly available information and vendor indicators to determine high confidence wealth indicators to use in our analytics

Our current and historical employment and industry information allows you to easily update your records to reflect your constituents’ recent changes in employment status

We identify causes and missions that your prospects donate to and engage with, which helps you match your initiatives to their interests

MATCH’d+ offers analytics flags to assist with data hygiene and identify important constituents.

We combine our expertise in identifying, formatting, and flagging data to deliver quality updates on over 150 different data fields
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Data Analytics: SCORE’d™

Our SCORE’d™ analytics solutions use dozens of data fields and our proprietary analytics algorithms so you can quickly and efficiently identify major giving and planned giving prospects, volunteer leaders, board members, and more!

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We analyze dozens of wealth indicators and charitable giving trends, based on contribution records, to calculate customized wealth scores and identify a prospect’s capacity for philanthropy

Using results from our proprietary wealth scoring process, we compute gift capacity scores and include customized flags to help you map prospects to gift officer portfolios

Combining prospect interest and giving data with your internal engagement data, we develop customized inclination scores to identify prospects with high affinity for your organization

We screen your prospects’ charitable giving, social interests, employment, and other profile information to find and flag potential donors for your strategic initiatives

We prepare visualizations that reflect key findings, insights, and trends derived from our analytics. Upload data from our easy-to-use .CSV files into any visualization tool to bring your data to life
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Strategic Contract Services

Facing budget cuts and a lack of resources in your advancement organization? Looking for research into a particular issue? Searching for quality training for your gift officers? Rethinking your regional alumni engagement strategy?

We offer a wide range of strategic consulting services for large and small shops, tapping our partners and network of advancement professionals. These project-based, contract services are designed to meet the needs and budget of your organization.

Using our time-tested processes and tools, our experienced prospect researchers deliver prospect and donor profiles customized to your needs and specifications

Through our partnership with Leadership Story Lab, a premier B2B training company, we help your gift officers and other team members build compelling communication and storytelling skills. Staffed by highly qualified and experienced professionals, we can design a program that fits the training needs of any part of your organization

Engaging alumni who live far from campus is one of advancement’s biggest challenges. We provide on-the-ground personnel support programs to efficiently and meaningfully engage your alumni communities in major U.S. cities

Fundraising is a complex and sophisticated undertaking that presents many novel issues. One of our key missions is to be a thought-leader in the area of philanthropy, which is why we offer free research services led by our Director of Research, Dr. Caitlin Scarano. Each month, Caitlin conducts original research and canvasses our extensive network of university, college, and nonprofit advancement professionals to obtain and share best practices and engagement techniques

How We Work

ALUMinate services are designed to bring you quality data enrichment and analytics results through our highly collaborative processes. Unlike other “one-size-fits-all” vendors, our team of experienced advancement professionals work side-by-side with your team each step of the way.

We are dedicated to providing you not only with the best data, but ensuring you can effectively use it! From project kickoff through data delivery, we pride ourselves on our customer support.

We work with your advancement team to create a well-defined structure of goals for each deliverable so your team can then hit the ground running

We explain our data input templates to ensure our matching and analytics are focused on your goals

We utilize our proprietary data algorithms to develop confidence in the high quality of our data and the insights derived from it

We conduct multiple automated and manual quality checks to ensure our data quality is the highest possible and that our customizations are achieving their stated goals

Data transfers are performed securely and efficiently. Our training materials, data dictionaries, and consultative process guarantee you understand and can use the data effectively

How Our Process Contributions to Your Mission

  • Better Data
  • Greater Intelligence
  • Smarter Strategy
  • Customized Engagement
  • More Successful Activation
  • More Efficient Returns
  • Increased Investment in Your Mission

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