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We’re the only company in the industry that brings your alumni and donors home.


Who are you missing?

Be Relevant to Alumni and Donors

Stop wasting valuable time and resources on events and benefits constituents don’t need or want.

We study your constituents (whether alumni, donors, or volunteers) and your organization’s culture. Then we design and implement an engagement strategy for them that is SUSTAINABLE, MEANINGFUL, and RELEVANT.

This strategy is tailored to each region where your constituents live. We’re an extension of your advancement team and serve as a local, consistent presence in those regions.

Ready to bring your alumni and donors home?

Benefits of Working with ALUMinate

We offer comprehensive on-the-ground solutions where your alumni and donors are. We can...

  • Identify & inspire local advocates and leaders for your institution or organization.

  • Cultivate micro-philanthropic communities.

  • Using design-thinking, plan and co-host exclusive small events for high potential prospects and scalable, public events for supporters.

  • Provide current and consistent communications branded toward your strategic goals and institutional story. We are the bridge between your institution and regional alumni.

  • Conduct donor qualification, cultivation, and philanthropy visits with your alumni and friends in priority regions.

  • Engage leaders and donors through story and help your team gather and share their stories to advance the institution or organization.

Why Do Institutions Need ALUMinate?

We're Local, We're Storytelling Experts, and We're Design Thinkers

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