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Do you work with alumni, donors, or volunteers? Those who sign up for the ALUMinate Research Center and Newsletter get priority access to our engagement and advancement research and tools. It's all free!

What is it?

ALUMinate's Research Center and Newsletter, free for any higher education or nonprofit professionals, brings you evidence-based research so you can systematically and thoughtfully increase alumni, donor, and volunteer engagement. Best of all—it is completely free! We aim to be at the forefront of the following issues and to explore the intersections between them:

  • Alumni, donor, and volunteer engagement and philanthropy

  • Changing technologies and demographics

  • Storytelling and design thinking

Membership Benefits

All members receive the following benefits:

  • In-depth survey results and findings in the areas of alumni, donor, and volunteer outreach, advancement, and technology, like our 2018 Career Services for Alumni Assessment Report


  • Priority, free access to our live digital discussions and webinars, like this popular webinar on how to address donors’ toughest questions


  • Access to our research team. Pose an alumni, donor, or volunteer engagement or advancement research topic or question and we’ll return a report to you with what we find


  • Complimentary strategy session with our team on how to engage your regional alumni, donors, and volunteers (contact


  • Timely, research-driven blog content


How did this idea come about?

Through a digital survey, phone interviews, and in-person focus group with leadership in alumni affairs and advancement across the nation, this idea was born.

The participants in these conversations continued to stress the need for ongoing research and information-sharing on how to best serve and reach alumni, donors, and volunteers. So we wondered—what would this research-driven, idea-sharing platform look like?

We envision a vibrant online community of institutions, nonprofits, and other organizations sharing information, pooling resources, and accessing premium, evidence-based content, all facilitated by ALUMinate.

Join the following institutions and organizations who are taking part!

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The Research Consortium provides a network for sharing ideas and best practices with fellow colleagues. It conveniently provides a ready group of interested professionals that would otherwise be difficult to access.

Linda Cook Chief of Staff and Director of Community Relations, Kansas State University

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