Research Consortium Membership Agreement

ALUMinate’s Research Consortium aims to prepare its members with evidence-based research so that they can systematically and thoughtfully increase alumni, donor, and volunteer engagement. We aim to be at the forefront of the following issues and to explore the intersections between them:

  • Alumni, donor, and volunteer engagement and philanthropy

  • Changing technologies and demographics

  • Storytelling and design thinking

Become a Member

Membership Benefits

All members receive the following benefits:

  • In-depth survey results and findings in the areas of alumni, donor, and volunteer outreach, advancement, and technology, like our 2018 Career Services for Alumni Assessment Report

  • Priority, free access to our live digital discussions and webinars, like this popular webinar on how to address donors' toughest questions

  • Access to our research team. Pose an alumni, donor, or volunteer engagement or advancement research topic or question and we'll return a report to you with what we find.

  • Complimentary strategy session with our team on how to engage your regional alumni, donors, and volunteers (contact

  • Complimentary copy of Esther Choy’s Let the Story Do the Work: The Art of Storytelling for Business Success

  • Timely, research-driven blog content

  • Resource Hub of ALUMinate-generated materials and curated multimodal resources and tools for alumni, donor, and volunteer outreach and engagement

Membership Eligibility

The Research Consortium is open to any higher education or nonprofit professional who is interested in research and conversations related to these topics.

To join, simply complete the form at the end of this page for instant access.

Once you’re a member, you can log in to our members-only pages on our website, including the Forum and Resource Hub.

Associated Costs

Membership: Free for any interested institutions.

Membership Agreement

All Members Agree to the Following Principles…

  • Membership. Any staff member, especially those who work with alumni and donors, of an institution or organization, including colleges, universities, and nonprofits, are welcome.

  • Participation. Involvement in ALUMinate’s Research Consortium, such as assessments and discussions, is voluntary. Your membership implies no obligation beyond these principles.

  • Confidentiality. Though ALUMinate’s Research Consortium is a resource-sharing and problem-solving platform for those in advancement and alumni affairs, we, ALUMinate, Inc, will not seek or solicit confidential information from you, including personal information or personal records (on yourself, your staff, your students, or your alumni), trade secrets, proprietary information, or information that might be subject to a non-disclosure agreement. Nor will we allow institutions and individuals to seek or solicit this information from each other within the Research Consortium platform. We encourage members to use discretion and professionalism when deciding what to share.

  • A respectful, safe, and professional space. We view the Research Consortium as an association of professionals looking to learn from and help each other. We encourage you to share openly about successes and challenges. A respectful, safe, and professional space is essential, as well as openness and a willingness to help. Any content that we deem to be inoffensive and/or hate speech will not be tolerated.

  • No solicitation. ALUMinate’s Research Consortium membership does not enroll you or obligate you to participate in ALUMinate’s other services, nor does it imply that you endorse our services. Members will not use the Research Consortium to pitch products or services.

  • Facilitation only. The ALUMinate Research Consortium aims only to facilitate research and idea-sharing. The ALUMinate Research Consortium does not seek to serve as a professional consultant or offer specific professional advice or recommendations. Nor are Research Consortium members obligated to act upon any research or ideas presented in the ALUMinate Research Consortium platform. Therefore, ALUMinate, Inc is not liable for any information, research, or ideas that a member receives or decides to utilize/act upon.

  • Satisfaction guarantee. If you decide for any reason that you are not satisfied with the content and benefits of the ALUMinate Research Consortium, you may unenroll as a member at any time.

  • *Once you join, your institution may be added to our site member list (no individual members will be listed). To opt-out, please contact us.

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