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The immeasurable value of accurate information on alumni and prospects

Our MATCH'd data enrichment service

When our client, a prominent, private liberal arts school, began working with us, their advancement team had not updated their donor database in several years. This client’s team was specifically concerned about key information they were missing, including which prospects and donors might be deceased.

With our MATCH’d service, we do the initial legwork of figuring out what is good quality data from a vendor, so your organization doesn’t have to worry about it. Then, we provide that verified data back to you in project-based batches in easy-to-use Excel (.CSV) files.

We ran this client’s full advancement database of over 200,000 records within a matter of weeks based on their timeline and needs. In the data files we delivered back to them, we provided indicators that show which individuals are deceased. We showed them how to sort and use those indicators so their advancement team can rest assured that they’ve done all that they can to avoid contacting or soliciting deceased alumni or prospects.

At ALUMinate, we know the challenges and wasted effort that can occur when gift officers have inaccurate, out of date, or even a general lack of information on prospects and donors, especially contact information.

Customized algorithms to meet any goal

MATCH'd data enrichment paired with SCORE'd data analytics

When one client, a large, research institution in the Midwest, approached ALUMinate for help with a specific initiative: focusing on a select group of 25,000 constituents in the CRM database, the advancement team wanted to identify possible candidates for the foundation board of trustees and advisory councils within the school. Specifically, the advancement department sought updated professional job titles and employers for constituents in that segment. We were able to provide them with updated, verified information for those specific fields.

In addition to that project, using our SCORE’d service, which rates prospects on ability and inclination to give, we were able to identify three groups for our client:
-Additional major gift prospects
-Planned giving prospects
-Prospects with anomalies in their own gift capacity ratings: while they had their own engagement rating system and scores for prospects, this client noticed that some of the prospect’s scores did not accurately reflect the prospect’s wealth or capacity. We helped them create a new pipeline of prospects in their database who did not have a high engagement score based on their system but who did have a high engagement score based on our system.

ALUMinate’s project-based services can be customized to help your team achieve any fundraising goals or special initiative.

How we helped one client develop a strategy for Florida snowbirds prospects

MATCH'd data enrichment paired with SCORE'd data analytics

In 2019, one of our clients, a public, mid-sized state university in the South, turned to ALUMinate when their advancement team wanted to develop a strategy to reach prospective donors who spend winters in Florida (sometimes known as “snowbirds”).

Our first step to help this client develop this “snowbird strategy” was that we ran all their alumni and constituents for any updates from our vendors through our MATCH’d service, which includes over 300 different data fields. We also evaluated the updates for high confidence to ensure that the data we were analyzing was verified, accurate, and up-to-date.

Next, we conducted our SCORE’d analysis and were able to identify and score three groups of prospects in the Florida region:
-Possible new prospects
-Prospects this client should revisit
-Prospects who should be in their planned giving strategy. For this group, we created a separate flag of planned giving indicators that could be intersected with wealth data.

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