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Proactive and transformational data enrichment, data analytics, and prospect research for higher education and nonprofit advancement

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What Sets Us Apart from Other Donor Data Providers?

Save 30% or more on data acquisition with ALUMinate

□ We provide what you need, when you need it, at a price that fits your budget
□ We use a project-based approach to solve your data needs
□ We drive proactive prospect research
□ No expensive platform, front-end dashboard, or API required
□ Proprietary file processing, matching algorithms, & verification tools—get the right data matched to right prospect
□ Exceptional fill rates and data accuracy
□ Score prospect capacity and prospect inclination to give using dozens of data points
□ Data securely exchanged and delivered to you in an easy-to-use Excel file format (CSV)—easily sort, search, parse, and flag
□ Separate files for high confidence data appends: eliminate manual reviews



  • Core Package includes:

    >Personal contact details (including address, phone, email), demographic profile, wealth and giving indicators 

    >Validation of email addresses and mobile phone numbers

  • Enhanced Package includes:

    Employment and professional career histories, educational histories, personal/social interests, social media handles/URLs/etc.

  • Expanded High Net Worth & Giving Profiles

    Comprehensive wealth and giving indicators for high net worth prospects

  • Get up-to-date, comprehensive, and actionable prospect information

  • Segment alumni, donors, and prospects by geography, age, interests, date of graduation, and other factors

  • Conduct a data refresh on your entire database or select sections

    From small (5,000 records) to large (500,000 records)
    Incentive pricing applied based on number and frequency of updates


  • We customize our services to your use cases, including:

    Identify major gift prospects
    Build next-generation pipelines
    Construct effective gift officer portfolios
    Discover planned giving prospects
    Develop automated prospect research reports

  • Ranking Capacity + Inclination of Prospects to Give

    Based upon dozens of indicators as processed by our customizable data algorithms

  • Apply our Domain Expertise

    To consult with you on ranking meaningful engagement data points at scale

  • Use Case Flags

    Generated based on your target objectives

  • Flexible Pricing

    Determined by project scope, size of record set, quality of client data, desired output, data insights and visualizations, and timing

  • Visualizations

    Data insights presented in Tableau

ALUMinate Data Dictionary

Check out some of the data fields we can provide on your most important alumni, volunteers, and prospective donors!


Dynamic Visualizations and Tools for Your Team

Take Action

Good data alone is not enough. Your team needs to know exactly how to take action. 

From a holistic view of all your constituents in a region, to an enriched profile on one specific prospect, we illustrate what’s most important in your data, so your team can spend more time with donors.

Our data visualizations allow you to easily segment and interpret the data sets, detect patterns and trends, and identify outliers. In addition, our data services include data dictionaries, trainings, and strategy meetings.

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