Press Release: Fall 2020 ALUMinate Product Updates and Enhancements

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October 9, 2020—The ALUMinate leadership team is excited to share the following product updates and enhancements:

1 – Our data enrichment algorithms (MATCH’d) have been further enhanced to improve the high confidence matches by as much as 50%. Our experience has shown that we can deliver 2-3x the number of high confidence matches compared to other data vendors. 

This saves our clients lots of time—we identify the quality data for our clients, so they have fewer records to manually review.

2 – We now employ advanced verification tools to make sure we deliver the most accurate and complete constituent contact information to our clients. For example, tracking cell phone numbers has become increasingly difficult due to “family and friends” mobile phone plans offered by various carriers. We now provide additional flags in the data files indicating if the cell phone number matches the constituent, spouse, child, or a different household member. 

3 – Our SCORE’d data analytics solution is customizable to incorporate a wider variety of engagement data. In addition, we now generate key flags in our data files which identify individuals projected to be top prospects for the many targeted initiatives of advancement departments, such as planned giving and lapsed donors. Each data delivery is accompanied by a detailed report provided to the client; this report explains all the flags and how they can be used to filter meaningful data.

4 – From kick-off to data delivery, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their data goals and participate as stakeholders in an action-oriented set of deliverables. Our in-house templates are a launching point to support our clients’ efforts to export bio, giving, and engagement data. Our Director of Donor Strategy and Relations meets with our clients to facilitate an exercise in which they rank engagement activities for their constituents. In addition, our team meets with the client project team at data delivery to map goals to action items. From training to sharing best practices, we want to be your collaborative partner, and not just a data vendor.

5 – As an additional service, we now offer customized prospect profiles prepared by our highly experienced professionals.

Want to talk about how we can help your organization identify more prospects and raise more gifts? Contact Lola at to schedule a live, 15-minute demo with our team!

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